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Real-time strategy in turn-based card form

Ramp up your workers, build tech buildings,
summon heroes, and level them up.
























A Decade in the Making

It took over 10 years to get Codex right
because it radically re-invents the customizable card game genre

Learn more about Codex's design here <

  • A whopping 23 articles about Codex

  • And an hour+ long podcast

  • Build your deck as you play

  • A codex full of answers for whatever’s thrown at you

  • New "patrol zone" combat system

  • Customizability comes in chunks, so any combination is valid

  • No collectability

Choose Your "Build Order"

Your codex is a book of lots of cards.
Build your deck from your codex as you play.
("Build order" is the RTS game jargon for that.)
You start with just 10 cards in your deck and add 2 cards from your codex each turn.


Economy, Heroes, and Tech


Your tech buildings, heroes, and units can all be attacked in combat.
You can temporarily disable the opponent’s ability to cast certain spells
or play certain units by destroying their heroes and tech buildings.

Choose Three Heroes

The heroes you choose determine which cards will go in your codex.
No matter which heroes you choose, your codex will always have a coherent set of useful cards.
(Heroes sold separately in various Codex products, but the Deluxe version comes with all 20!)

Deluxe Set: Beautiful Components

Codex Deluxe includes all cards from the Starter, Core, Expansions, and more.

Exclusive Map Cards

Change a game rule each time you play


High Quality Playmats

Huge 24" x 14" mats made of durable mouse-pad material

Custom Card Binders

Each pocket cut across the top making it easy to frequently remove and insert cards

A Codex (Card Binder) for each faction

Six beautiful binder designs, four of which are exclusive to the Deluxe Set

























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