Codex Card Binders Now Available Separately

We are now offering the blue and black Codex binders as well as the white and purple binders as stand-alone products. These are the same binders that are in the Codex Deluxe set, so if you have the red and green binders from the Core Set and want to get the rest, you now have an upgrade path other than getting the Deluxe Set.

We're doing this because there has been so much demand from our players for these binders. "Why not just use any old card binders if you need more?" you might ask. You certainly could use binders from Magic: The Gathering or something. But the reason there has been such much demand is that Codex's binders are specifically designed to work well with Codex and it's difficult to match them with stock card binders.

Codex binders have double-sided pages with 9 pockets on EACH side (18 pockets total counting front and back), rather than the single-sided pages common in most card binders (which have 9 pockets on the front and 0 on the back). This means you can open the binder and see a 2-page layout of 18 cards, then turn the page ONCE and see a second 2-page layout of 18 more cards. (Single side pages would require more page turns).

Codex card pockets are also loose enough to fit 2 sleeved cards in each pocket, because that's what the game requires.

Finally, and most excitingly, the top of every pocket is clipped off. This allows you to easily slide cards out of the pockets. Most binders are designed for adding / removing cards infrequently, but in Codex you constantly pull cards from your binder as you play, so this makes it a lot easier.

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