SahmReviews Checks Out the Fantasy Strike Universe!

Which character is your favorite?

Which character is your favorite?

Big thanks to SahmReviews for writing a detailed article on the Fantasy Strike Universe! We think you've really captured the intention of our games and their world!

At Sirlin Games, we're all about creating asymmetrical gameplay experiences; this means that in most of our games, each player has a different starting position, mostly represented by having lots of different characters or factions to choose from. With 20 main characters in the Fantasy Strike universe who each represent their own unique playstyles (such as a balanced approach, aggressive rushdown, or careful planning), we're sure that there's a character out there for everyone, and we've done our best to make sure that the overall feel of the character is preserved from game to game!

So if you're a fan of Grave Stormborne, the disciplined warrior who has mastered the basics, or Lum Bam-Foo, the free-wheeling gambling panda, you can be sure that you'll enjoy playing those characters whether we're talking Yomi, Puzzle Strike, Flash Duel, or even our upcoming video fighting game, Fantasy Strike!

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