Codex: Card-Time Strategy on Tabletopia!

Happy New Year everyone! We've got a gift for you guys this holiday season!

Looking for a way to play Codex online with your friends? While we don't have an official client for Codex just yet, we partnered up with Tabletopia to create an official module for Codex: Card-Time Strategy!

Tabletopia is a digital platform for board gaming available through Steam. It's basically a physics engine that simulates sitting around a table and playing a board game with friends. As a result, it's not a "rules-enforced" system, so games on platforms like these usually take a bit of getting used to when you first start playing!

To help you learn how to play Codex on Tabletopia, Leontes has created a short tutorial video on how to use the software and all of the interesting things our own particular module has to offer:

Tabletopia is free to play on Steam, but Codex: Card-Time Strategy is available at the Premium subscription tier. Think of Tabletopia as kind of a board game streaming service (not unlike Netflix or Spotify Premium), so your Gold membership doesn't just get you access to our game, but to many other awesome board games like Scythe, Terra Mystica, Viticulture and more!

We hope you guys enjoy playing Codex online!

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