Yomi and Codex Qualifying Tournaments This Winter

In June 2017, we'll hold our fifth annual Fantasy Strike Expo (FSX) in San Francisco. This one will be the biggest yet. Starting Winter 2017, we'll hold qualifying tournaments in Yomi and Codex leading up to the finals at FSX.


We have not finalized the format of these tournaments yet, but we'd like to make you generally aware of them now. For Yomi, we're considering having qualifiers in four different cities around the US, taking the top 2 from each event. In addition, we're considering four online tournaments, taking the top 1 or 2 from each. Then all of those players will have a spot at FSX. (To play online, here's the link to Yomi on Steam and iOS.)

Players who do not qualify in those events can still enter the FSX Yomi tournament though in a "last chance" bracket. You're just in a better position if you do qualify, so do that if you can!

For Codex, we're not sure yet how it will be handled. We do not have an official online version, so we might only have in-person events. We might combine them with the Yomi qualifiers in each of the four cities, but doing so might make those events last too long (they'd probably need to be 2-day events rather than 1-day if we do that).

We'll iron this out more in the months to come and let you know more specifics. In any case, we hope you can come to Fantasy Strike Expo in June, either to play Yomi and Codex, to play the in-development Fantasy Strike fighting game, or just to hang out.

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