Site Redesign

Welcome to the new!

Over the years, our web presence has been a bit scattered. We used to sell tabletop games on one site and forums on another. We had a news feed on the forum's site, but it looked pretty outdated. Now we've integrated all that into one site here at

We've also added an "events" tab at the top of the site. We've especially had a lot of Yomi tournaments, but we haven't had a good way of communicating to the general public when those, how to sign up, and how to arrange matches online for online tournaments. Now that info will be more clear and easy to find.

We've also modernized the forums to use Discourse's software. Discourse is built around the idea of encouraging good behavior in posting so it helps communities be a more pleasant place. We like that, and we hope you'll enjoy the cleaner UI too.

Here's our two old sites, compared to the new site:

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