Codex: Card-Time Strategy on Tom Vasel's Top 100 Games of All Time

Codex: Card-Time Strategy is #22 on Tom Vasel's Top 100 Games of All Time!

According to Tom, Codex is a game that has removed OTHER games from his Top 100 list entirely (Magic: the Gathering)! 

"It feels like it's a game that you can get good at, and not that you're good at it because you've spent more money than someone else. I don't need to spend $1000 on a Codex deck. I just have to buy the game itself, and the game is solid."

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves! Let's keep spreading the word about Codex and see if we can get even higher on the list next year!

Join the discussion on our official forums, and head over to our Boardgamegeek page to Rate and Review the game! With the help of our fans, maybe Codex can be #22 on the Overall Rankings!

Big thanks to Tom Vasel and the rest of the Dice Tower team for helping us show the world our games. You can grab Codex yourself here at our official store! See you on patrol!

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