Codex: Card-Time Strategy breaks top #20 on BGG!

On, games can be rated in a variety of ways; Thematic, Strategy, Family, Party, etc. Each category has its own list of games that fit the genre and ranks them based on quality of user votes. The one ranking list we've had our eye on for Codex: Card-Time Strategy is Customizable, which features games from the TCG and CCG genres. While Codex doesn't follow the same model of rarities, booster packs and uneven playfield card battling as other games, it's still a card game with deckbuilding elements. The big difference, of course, is that we give you every tool you need to be a competitive player right in the box, and to us that means the world.

With the help of just 300 voters, we've managed to reach #19 on this list, right between the original Netrunner and the granddaddy of them all, Magic: The Gathering!

This is a tremendous achievement for so young a game! But we think we can get even higher on the list. If you're a fan of Codex and you haven't rated the game yet, please make/log in to your account on Boardgamegeek and give us the honest rating you think our game deserves! And don't forget to rate all of the games in your collection, especially those by small development teams! We really appreciate your support!

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