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Midori's Mentournament Returns!


Learn how to play Yomi with veteran tournament players in the Mentournament! Sign up as a Student, select an experienced Mentor and face off against other Students in a one-day Swiss style event. The best way to get into the mindset of tournament Yomi play.

Time for the first Swiss event on December 2nd is not set yet; Top 4 is on Saturday, December 9th at a time also TBD.

Signup link is here.

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to Aug 20

Sirlin Games at Gen Con 2017


Leontes and Mad King will be demoing Codex: Card-Time Strategy at Gen Con. Starter, Core, and Deluxe Sets of Codex will be available for purchase. No other Sirlin Games product will be available onsite (please head to for information on Yomi, Puzzle Strike, Pandante and other games).

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2:30 PM14:30

International Yomi League 5

International Yomi League 5 is coming!

Shoutouts to vengefulpickle and Zqxx for taking up the responsibility to run IYL5. Signup thread is here, signups end June 24th with league start in July.

Also, there is an open calendar here that players can use to tell others when their matches are scheduled, so that fans and streamers have an easier time identifying when to come spectate!

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to Mar 8

19XX: Waifu 2

mysticjuicer hosts a double-elimination Yomi tournament with a short list of banned characters. This is not a single day tournament: it is in the league format wherein one round of the tournament is played each week.

Tournament start date is tentative, but looking like early February.
Signup thread is here!

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to Jan 1

TOPANDA League 2.0 is underway!

Long-time tournament Yomi player Fivec is hosting TOPANDA League 2.0, a Round-Robin tournament featuring 12 of competitive Yomi's top players of yesterday and tomorrow.

Here is the official thread for scheduling and match reporting. Keep an eye out for some hype streams and commentary videos from our community!

Full bracket can be found here:

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